How to Last 10 30 Minutes Longer in Bed

How is your sex life? Is it great or suck? You know yourself and perhaps you do not want to expose to public about your suffering. This statement’s meaning maybe you already knew who cannot last longer in bed either from young age until now. Why do I post this article? It do not humiliate you who suffering this pain for long time, but I will give you solution of how to last longer in bed.

Until now, people especially men who cannot last longer in bed is caused by premature ejaculation in first rank and the second rank is erectile dysfunction. Statistics showed that about 30% of 100% population in this world (men) suffer premature ejaculation.

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

Someone who is diagnosed premature ejaculation when he receives little stimulation or before and after penetrating into vagina less than one or two minutes and then he ejaculate without control. This happened frequently and this could be called premature ejaculation. When someone ejaculate quickly sometimes, it cannot be diagnosed as premature ejaculation because of several factors like too tired or suffer certain diseases like diabetes.

Why Premature Ejaculation could occur?

The experts said your ejaculator control is too weak so you could not control it. To be able control ejaculatory bladder, you must have a strong PC muscle (pelvic floor muscle) which can be found by stopping midstream when you urinate and you will feel it. By training your pc muscle with Kegel exercises daily and regularly, in 3 months you will feel your pc muscle is enough strong. When practicing it, remember not to hold your breath.

Effects Caused by Cannot Last Longer in Bed

Men who cannot last longer in bed for long time would have physiology problems like depress, stress, lack of confidence and also low libido. This also could break your relationship both woman or man need biological needs which is sex.

Another Tips to Last Longer in Bed

There are various alternate methods that you could do at home with your partner in order to delay ejaculation for certain time that you feel enough with partner. Well, this maybe you have heard about, start stop technique, edging technique, squeeze technique, sex positions also could contribute to last longer in bed. For instant results, usually people using desensitizing spray or cream to reduce penis sensation so you could be lasting longer in bed. Another are using thick condom or taking pills.

Health Supplements And Its Effectiveness

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To remain healthy our body requires various vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. These nutrients, vitamins and minerals are available via various food. Inadequate of these nutrients make the body suffer from various deficiency. IN order to fulfil these requirements doctors at time prescribe various health supplements which are even available online.

Effectiveness of health supplements

Health supplements are quite useful. If the body suffers from any particular deficiency such as vitamin D, calcium, these health supplements available online and offline are quite beneficial. But it is always advisable to take health supplements as per doctor’s reference.

The main nutrients and vitamins which our body require and its benefits:

  • Calcium- Keeps your bone and muscle strong and prevents from various deficiency diseases such as arthritis.

  • Vitamin A- Protects your eye health, strengthens the immune system, protects skin and prevents cancer.

  • Vitamin C- Protects and nurtures skin, eye health, immune system and also prevents cardiovascular disease.

  • Vitamin E- Strengthens the immune system and protects the body against serious diseases such as cancer, cholesterol.

  • Vitamin D- Protects the teeth and bone health, prevents the body from type 1 diabetes, cancer and multiple sclerosis

  • Vitamin B6- Protects and nurtures eye, skin, hair, liver health.

  • Vitamin B12- Increases the immune system and prevents the body against fatigue.

  • Vitamin K- Strengthens the bone health and prevents heart diseases.

  • Zinc- Heals wound faster and deficiency of zinc can lead to diarrhea among children.

  • Flavonoid- It is anti-inflammatory and has a huge amount of anti-oxidants.

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid- Prevents serious issues such as depression, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Rheumatoid arthritis and also helps in lowering elevated triglyceride levels.

  • Folic Acid- Prevents the body from the harmful disease like cancer.

  • Amino Acid- Helps to recover from injury faster.

  • Aloe Vera- Protects skin, heals burns and has anti-bacterial properties.

  • Iron- Protects the body from iron deficiency and thus prevents anemia, chronic diseases.

  • Copper- Protects the body from cholesterol, heart disease, arthritis and also heals wound fast.

  • Selenium- Increases the immune system and protects the body against Crohn’s disease, cancer, HIV.

  • Manganese- Helps in weight loss, increases metabolism and increases appetite.

  • Biotin – Helps in proper nervous function.

How to take these health supplements

Health supplements help you to get rid of various deficiency and health problems such as weight issue, sleeplessness, blood circulation, bone and joint pain, muscle pain, digestive issue, low immunity, hormonal imbalance and lot more. The dosage depends on the extent of deficiency you have. You need to take as per doctor’s prescription one to two pills on a daily basis.

Side effects of health supplements

Each health supplement is prepared with a good and approved combination, so there must not be any side effects. But if you use health supplements without knowing your health deficiency it can be harmful. You need to have health supplement under doctor’s advice. Your doctor can best advise which supplement you must have and how it will affect your health

Safe And Easy Ways To Lose Weight

How to lose weight- this had been a hot topic which is discussed quite often among people. People do not want to try out heavy machines at the gym, which is trying and unsafe at times. It has been always a nature that for every problem people look for the easy option. Even people look for the quick option, but the quick option is for short term and can have serious health issues. If you are lazy to follow long list then you can try out weight loss supplements which can be a good process to lose weight. But along with the weight loss supplements, you also need to take care for maintaining healthy food habits.

Tips to follow for reducing weight:

Drink Green coffee or green tea

Green tea or green coffee increases your metabolic rate and thus helps to have a great metabolism. Green tea helps to cut calories up to seventy calories per day. The antioxidants present in green tea helps to cut the extra calories.

Drink lots of water

Water boosts the metabolic rate in your body. Moreover, drinking water before meals will keep you full so in that it can help you in eating fewer calories.


Regular exercise will help you to lose weight faster. Thirty minutes’ walk. A weight lifts up to five pounds, squats, and push-ups will help you to get lean muscles faster. Exercise for three to four times per week will help you to reduce weight quicker.

Have less salt

Cut your salt from the daily diet. Salt hold a huge amount of water in your body.  Avoid packaged food as that contains a huge amount of sodium.


Sleep is essential to have a good metabolism which will help to burn your fat in a much rapid way.

Best Weight Loss Supplement

Best weight loss supplements, when consumed with the help of proper diet and exercise, helps to lose weight remarkably. The current weight loss supplements available in the market has natural extracts which help you to increase metabolism and allows you to consume fewer calories. The supplements do not have side effects as it contains natural products which are all necessary for human health.

What does weight loss supplements do:

  • Supplements reduce appetite, it helps to make you feel less hungry so that you take fewer calories throughout the day.
  • Supplements help to burn more calories, by increasing body metabolism.
  • Supplements help to reduce fat absorption in the body.

What natural substance includes in these supplements and how it helps:

  • Green coffee extract
  • Green tea extract
  • Caffeine extracts from coffee beans and dark chocolate.
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract
  • Guarana Extract
  • Raspberry Ketone
  • Glucomannan
  • Sphaeranthus indicus extract
  • Trans fats
  • Mint extract
  • Bitter orange compound

All these substances are combined with various nutrients and vitamins and is presented in the form of pills which is healthier and effective in losing weight by burning calories and increasing metabolism. There are various brands present in the market that sell weight loss supplements but you must be sure of the ingredients before you buy.

The Benefits Of Vitamin D Supplements In Human Health

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Vitamin D is one of the most useful components which our body requires for increasing our immune capacity. Vitamin D is also known as sunshine vitamin as most of the vitamin D we can get it in a huge amount from sun rays. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which absorbs phosphorus and calcium and thus develops bone health and muscle health. Vitamin D helps in overall growth of the body and protects the body from various diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and lot more.

How can you get Vitamin D

There are total twelve types of vitamin D present. Vitamin D is available naturally in the sunshine and of course rest you can manage via food supplements and dietary supplements. Daily exposure to sunlight for fifteen to twenty minutes on a regular basis will provide you adequate vitamin D. But nowadays due to harmful UV rays people cannot do that, as that affects the skin too, in that case, you can depend on best vitamin D supplements on a regular basis. You can also get vitamin D through food, such as fatty fishes. Fatty fishes such as herring, salmon, and tuna all have vitamin D. You can also get vitamin D to some extent in Beef liver, cheese, egg yolk, soy milk, dairy products, orange juice, mushroom, fortified cereals, caviar, tofu, pork. Vitamin D is necessary for all be at the baby stage or at an old age, it is mandatory for all.

Deficiency of vitamin D can lead to various diseases such as:

  • Rickets
  • Skin Pigmentation
  • Osteomalacia
  • Cancer
  • Disease related to bone health
  • Disease related to immune system

Health Benefits of best Vitamin D supplements:

  • Vitamin D strengthens your bone and thus protects the bone health and prevents from a bone fracture.
  • Vitamin D is effective in treating colon cancer.
  • Vitamin D is effective for bones of aged people as it protects the bone from Arthritis.
  • Vitamin D is good for aging kidneys.
  • Vitamin D strengthens the immune system of the body and thus protects it against chronic disease.
  • Vitamin D protects the body from cold and flu and other infections.
  • Vitamin D also protects the body from various skin issues such as pigmentation, lupus vulgaris etc.
  • Vitamin D is also essential for pregnant ladies as that strengthens the immune system of both the mother and the baby.
  • Vitamin D is helpful in treating genetic bone deficiency which is known as osteogenesis imperfectia.
  • Vitamin D is used to treat rickets which is a bone disease in small children.
  • Vitamin D is effective in treating bone weakness that is osteoporosis and bone and muscle pain.
  • Vitamin D maintains the insulin level of the body and thus controls Diabetes.
  • Vitamin D also support the teeth health.
  • Vitamin D helps the body to have a good and strong brain and nervous system.
  • Vitamin D protects lungs and also takes care of cardiovascular health.

Vitamin D is necessary throughout the ages, be at the nourishing stage or at old age. Vitamin D is effective and responsible for a healthy body and mind. Nowadays best vitamin D supplements are also available in the market which is equally beneficial as that of a natural substance

4 Fun Filled Physical Therapy Games for Kids

Kids can have little patience to cover up all the exercises during fitness sessions. Hence, the physical therapists need to keep up with perseverance to deal with these little sufferers. Some of them would not feel excited to do a specific motion or exercise repeatedly or over a period of time. So, the fitness guide should be an expert in making the session fun-filled thereby accomplishing the desired goal. One of the best ways you can do is by transforming the physical therapy exercises into active games

1 games are not just about sitting and enjoying the fun time. Some of them really call for active participation involving movements and spatial consciousness to comprehend and replicate the characters appearing on the screen. “Therapy Session” the term itself make kids feel boring but by infusing cartoon or 3-D video games that oflate lure kids as play, into the healing session, you can certainly make it more exciting and the best reason for which children would surely love to come back.

The common video games that ensure physical movements include – baseball, 3D Bowling, Punch-Out (Boxing) games. The mentioned games offer opportunity to the players for real movements. It has been noticed many a times that video games can be far more fruitful than playing the game actually, specifically in rehab centers because it may require considerably less space.

Ball Games

Classic and active model, ball games are the most preferred play activity of physical therapy centers. Games that need balls of smaller sizes such as lawn tennis balls, cricket balls etc could be utilized for muscle-massage whereas big size balls such as basketballs or volley balls help boost co-ordination between hands and eyes and firmness in the arms and legs of your kids.

Follow the Leader Game

Learning style may differ from one child to another. Some may grasp visual or aural lessons better whereas others may learn from a blend of the two. You should first find out on the learning style of your child and then on the basis of that you may go ahead with selecting a game such as “Follow the Leader” to integrate motion and exercises in an enjoyable way. However, this game is more for a child with visual-learning orientation. It trains the children and fetches interest to perform the game on their own without any support.

Crazy Obstacle Course Game

Not every game is for kids with various physical difficulties! You need to mold it according to their need. For instance, if your patient needs to strengthen legs, you can put up course i the play area such as – frog hop, setting a distance and allow them to run etc whereas if he/she requires exercises to make a balance, then you should opt for courses like “catch and throw a ball” , “crawling through a narrow passage” etc.