Top Organic Booze To Delve In This Holiday

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Before foraying into the topic, let us give the key differences in the organic alcohol and normal alcohol. Organic alcohol is no way different than the regular ones. The only difference is that it is grown on organic farmlands without the use of fertilizers and insecticides. Hence, the low amount of poisonous stuff on the alcohol. The dizzy hangover you get after drinking organic alcohol is also way down than the regular one. Organic alcohol is one of the key ingredients as herbal extractor. Now let’s point out some of the best organic alcohol for this holiday season:

  • Prairie organic vodka

This organic stuff grown from the hands of farmers from Minnesota is sure to awe you. The sweet and smooth flavor is sure to linger on your taste buds for a while. This vodka is made from organic condiments and biogas. No artificial fertilizers are used in the process.

  • Square one cucumber vodka

Ok, I agree vodka rules my list. But the taste is just worthy of every bit of the raving I write for it. This vodka is made from rye from certified organic alcohol. It is one of the best alcohol you can derive substituting cucumber from the original recipe.

  • Loft organic liqueurs

Have you tasted soft grain spirits? If you tend to be a traveler, you should once try this drink. This organic drink has everyone raving about the smooth taste it has inherited from the grains.

  • Benromach organic single malt scotch whisky

For the love of whisky, getting an organic product is difficult. But this one is sure to find its way to your heart. This is not available very easily. It can be bought from Spey side’s small distillery.

  • Rain organic vodka

This is the winner of the San Francisco Spirits competition. It might come in a flashy bottle, but the stuff its confines are worldly. Produced from a distant location in Kentucky, this bottle inherits the look from the place. It is made from pure white corn. It is also used as an herbal extractor in many places.

  • Highland harvest organic scotch whisky

This is the ultimate drink you want have a taste of. This drink combines all three drinks- Spey side, highland and island. It takes four years of long yearning to bear the fruit. This drink from Scotland has the mild taste of pine and smooth taste of fruit. This is sweet and at the same time harsh.

 Papagayo organic rum

Come this summer, how can you ignore rum? This one time drink is sure to suffice for one and all cravings. This rum is grown in Paraguay organic farmers by over than 500 farmers. This organic dwelling has helped them eke a livelihood out of it.

Difference Between Essential Oil And Carrier Oil

Essential oils are formed from the extraction of fatty acids from barks, roots, stems or flowers from the plants. They are also termed as volatile oils as they contain volatile compounds in their extracted product. Every time we think of essential oil, we get confused with carrier oil. So, we present you with one article about the difference between an essential oil and carrier oil.

You Got The Source

From the basic fact, we should know about the source of extraction. They both are extracted from different sources of plants. Essential oil extraction takes place from barks, stems or flower petals of a plant, whereas carrier oil are extracted from the fatty parts of seeds or nuts of plants.

Level Of Concentration

We have not been fully aware of the potency of essential oil extraction process. Essential oil is highly concentrated when extracted from the plant. If applied directly. Essential oils can cause irritation of the skin. They need to be properly diluted with either distilling alcohol or evergreen to get a diluted solution. Then they can be used for daily activities. But carrier oil is basically vegetable oil that can be directly used. For example- mustard oil or sunflower oil is directly used in cooking purposes. Coconut oil also can be used to supple our skin. Jojoba oil is used in scalp related problems.

Pricey Affair

Carrier oils are not that pinch on the pocket. They include vegetable oils like sunflower oil and coconut oil. They are produced on a large scale and used for the daily purpose. But the essential oils are a costly affair. They are produced on a small scale and highly potent. A small dollop of essential oil is used in different arenas. They are diluted with either distilling alcohol or evergreen to get the desired amount. In the market, they are available in very small amounts.

The way they are storing carrier oil is not that much of a work. They do not evaporate into thin air. They remain intact after long hours of storage. They do not degrade when exposed to sunlight. But essential oil is very volatile. They evaporate when kept in open space as they contain amounts of spirit in them. They also degrade when exposed to sunlight. They are very thin, non sticky oils used in perfumery and aromatic substances. But carrier oils are thick substances used as vegetable oils and skin supplements.


Essential oils are a costly affair as I said above. In the market, they are available at very little amount in small bottles. They are the dilute varieties of actual essential oil extracted from the barks of trees. As carrier oils do not degrade, they can be placed in plastic packets and bottles. They are available in crystal clear bottles at a larger volume than essential oils.

How Organic Essential Oils Are Made

Essential oils or aromatherapy oils are very important alternative source of medicines. These oils are available in various stores and grocery markets. One can also get these oils from web stores and other specialized herbal medicine providers. Essential oils are used extensively for medical and non-medical uses. But the best part about these oils is that they have curative properties and are easy to use. Organic essential oils are a further step to get pure and herbal essential oils for usages. These oils can be used as incense, diffusers or as sprays etc. These oils add fragrances to general products while on the other hand, they also boost taste in some foods and confectionaries. Essential oils do not give importance or have been neglected over the time, but in recent decades due to awareness about herbal products these oils have gained importance. These oils have curative properties that can even cure cancers and mild to severe diseases. The curative property to cure cancer is still a matter of research under many universities. With all these great beneficial effects of these oils to people there is an increase demand in essential oils. As we all know that essential oils do not grow or are not available in pure form from nature. One needs to extract these oils and get this pure form of oils that are used for various purposes.

Processes Of Oil Extractions

There are three different widely used processes of oil extractions that are used widely for extracting essential oils. To name them, they are Steam distillation, extraction method, Alcohol distillation method and supercritical extraction methods. All these are different processes under which herbal plants and shrubs or the main element is gathered in ample. From this large stock only a little amount of pure oil is derived because of the nature of the herb. Organic essential oils are also derived with same processes; there is no major difference in the process of extraction for either or organic or non-organic plants. In the process of extraction and especially alcohol distillation method best alcohol in America is used for the process. This alcohol is certified and recommended for the use of the process of extraction. These oils are alcohol soluble and thus it’s become easy in the stage of distillation to use best alcohol in America and extract essential oils. The process of extraction is selected depending on the scale and purity requirements of oils. There are many pros and cons of all these methods. There is no right or wrong method for extraction of oils, but the one that suits your requirements automatically is the right one for your usage. These were the industrial method of oil extractions one can also extract essential oils at home in small quantity for their general use. Processes like fermentation and steam distillation on a small scale are useful for easy and safe oil extraction at home. Organic essential oils are made with organically grown plants and fruits. It is the same as other organic products where there is no use of artificial fertilizers and chemicals used in growing plants and shrubs.

Extractohol is pure Organic essential oils, and is best for the highest quality best alcohol in America that helps extract maximum amount of material in the least possible time.

How To Make Perfume The Process

Perfume is the basic necessity to all foul smelling troubles. Perfumes are the one way solution to ward off all smelly feet and armpits. They have been our savior since ages. The perfume was derived from the word per fumes meaning smoke. It has been in our civilization since 3300 B.C. It was during the Indus valley civilization that people started noticing the importance of scented flowers and their extraction for making perfumes. The pure essential oils from plants were actually used. The term ittar was specifically used during those days. The western came to know about this magical spray in the 14th century due to the invasion of Arabic culture in their land. But the Hungarians were the first to introduce the modern perfume base. They had innovation in their genes.

All said and done about the rich history of perfumes, let us know some of the methods to extract the perfume from home products like pure essential oils from lavender and citrus fruit. Pure grain alcohol is also used in some of the perfume processes. You do not have to shell out large chunks to have one. Just a few hundreds and you are all set to go

•    Pure grain alcohol or vodka is used in this process. Another key ingredient is an essential oil and vanilla extract. Next are glycerine and some distilled water. The process needs the support of glass bottles, measuring cup, tunnel, jars for use. The process starts with the sterilization process of glass jars. Then the alcohol is added in the jar. The alcohol can be Everclear or Vodka. It should be one fourth of the total amount you want to make. Then, three notes are made according to the scent you want to add. The first one contains the scent which will eventually wear off. It can be lime juice, grapefruit oil or spearmint. The second note has the scent like coriander, basil and rosemary. The third and last note of the process should have the strongest scent. It can include sandalwood, patachouli and others. Then, the final stage begins. Add a few drops of essential oils and let it age.

  • Another process is the inclusion of cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, cloves and vanilla beans. The process is mostly similar to that of the above except that the cinnamon sticks need to be crushed before using it. This perfume is used in hot baths foe the aroma.

    •    If you are in for some flowers, try this one. This includes lavender flowers, chamomile and lavender flowers. The flowers can be dried or fresh form. Then some vodka is also used. They are crushed and the essential oil is extracted from them. Then the above process is done to make the perfume.