A Checklist to Prepare your Hospital Bag for a Comfortable Stay

Staying in a hospital can be stressful. If you know you might stay there for a few days, it is worth taking some time out and plan your stay.

Hospitals in Dubai are well equipped with necessary items. For personal items, we have compiled a checklist of the things you might want to bring along. Please note that depending on circumstances, you may or may not need everything from this list.

Documents and paperwork.

Bring every hospital document, insurance paperwork and other formalities neatly in a folder. Include your contact numbers, power of attorney or a will, if necessary. A small amount of cash is also recommended.

Cell phone

Your cell phone is your biggest friend while in hospital. Keep in touch with family & friends, play games and pass time time with social media.


Many questions and thoughts will come into your mind. You can always write them down and ask your doctor when he comes in.


Hospital gowns are really uncomfortable and awkward. Bring your own robe to walk in halls. Also bring comfortable, loose-fitting trousers and shirts. A pair of slippers will also help.

For winter, do bring thick shirts, pajamas and sweaters. A shawl will be handy too. Keep socks as they might make you more comfortable in night.

Eye Glasses

Leave your contacts at home and pack eye glasses. Keep a spare, if available.


A headphone will help you listen to your mobile with clarity. Subscribing to Netflix might be a good idea. Headphone will also help you not to disturb other patients in near-by rooms.

Charging Cord

Bring a long charging or extension wire to plug in your devices with ease.


If you are not a vivid social media user or game player, then Kindle is best for you. Its light, easy to hold and great for passing time.

Comfortable pillow

Hospital pillows can be quite uncomfortable. It’s a good idea to bring your own pillow for better sleep. Use colorful pillowcases, so that the nurses who change your bed recognize which pillows are yours.

Pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, hairbrush or comb, and a towel. Dry shampoo is a must if your medical condition won’t allow you to wash your hair. Wet wipes will also help if you just want a quick fresh up. Keep a disinfecting gel nearby for your hands, as hospitals have germs everywhere.

Normal medications

Take with you any medication that you normally take, preferably in its original packaging, and a list of the doses for each. If you use eye drops, inhalers or creams, don’t forget these.
Healthy Snacks

You might like to have some healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, or fresh or dried fruit. Boxes of juices will be easier to drink while lying down.

It is always recommended to do full research on Dubai hospitals for better health decision. Have a look at connect.ae for nearby hospitals and their reviews.