Difference Between Essential Oil And Carrier Oil

Essential oils are formed from the extraction of fatty acids from barks, roots, stems or flowers from the plants. They are also termed as volatile oils as they contain volatile compounds in their extracted product. Every time we think of essential oil, we get confused with carrier oil. So, we present you with one article about the difference between an essential oil and carrier oil.

You Got The Source

From the basic fact, we should know about the source of extraction. They both are extracted from different sources of plants. Essential oil extraction takes place from barks, stems or flower petals of a plant, whereas carrier oil are extracted from the fatty parts of seeds or nuts of plants.

Level Of Concentration

We have not been fully aware of the potency of essential oil extraction process. Essential oil is highly concentrated when extracted from the plant. If applied directly. Essential oils can cause irritation of the skin. They need to be properly diluted with either distilling alcohol or evergreen to get a diluted solution. Then they can be used for daily activities. But carrier oil is basically vegetable oil that can be directly used. For example- mustard oil or sunflower oil is directly used in cooking purposes. Coconut oil also can be used to supple our skin. Jojoba oil is used in scalp related problems.

Pricey Affair

Carrier oils are not that pinch on the pocket. They include vegetable oils like sunflower oil and coconut oil. They are produced on a large scale and used for the daily purpose. But the essential oils are a costly affair. They are produced on a small scale and highly potent. A small dollop of essential oil is used in different arenas. They are diluted with either distilling alcohol or evergreen to get the desired amount. In the market, they are available in very small amounts.

The way they are storing carrier oil is not that much of a work. They do not evaporate into thin air. They remain intact after long hours of storage. They do not degrade when exposed to sunlight. But essential oil is very volatile. They evaporate when kept in open space as they contain amounts of spirit in them. They also degrade when exposed to sunlight. They are very thin, non sticky oils used in perfumery and aromatic substances. But carrier oils are thick substances used as vegetable oils and skin supplements.


Essential oils are a costly affair as I said above. In the market, they are available at very little amount in small bottles. They are the dilute varieties of actual essential oil extracted from the barks of trees. As carrier oils do not degrade, they can be placed in plastic packets and bottles. They are available in crystal clear bottles at a larger volume than essential oils.