How to Last 10 30 Minutes Longer in Bed

How is your sex life? Is it great or suck? You know yourself and perhaps you do not want to expose to public about your suffering. This statement’s meaning maybe you already knew who cannot last longer in bed either from young age until now. Why do I post this article? It do not humiliate you who suffering this pain for long time, but I will give you solution of how to last longer in bed.

Until now, people especially men who cannot last longer in bed is caused by premature ejaculation in first rank and the second rank is erectile dysfunction. Statistics showed that about 30% of 100% population in this world (men) suffer premature ejaculation.

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

Someone who is diagnosed premature ejaculation when he receives little stimulation or before and after penetrating into vagina less than one or two minutes and then he ejaculate without control. This happened frequently and this could be called premature ejaculation. When someone ejaculate quickly sometimes, it cannot be diagnosed as premature ejaculation because of several factors like too tired or suffer certain diseases like diabetes.

Why Premature Ejaculation could occur?

The experts said your ejaculator control is too weak so you could not control it. To be able control ejaculatory bladder, you must have a strong PC muscle (pelvic floor muscle) which can be found by stopping midstream when you urinate and you will feel it. By training your pc muscle with Kegel exercises daily and regularly, in 3 months you will feel your pc muscle is enough strong. When practicing it, remember not to hold your breath.

Effects Caused by Cannot Last Longer in Bed

Men who cannot last longer in bed for long time would have physiology problems like depress, stress, lack of confidence and also low libido. This also could break your relationship both woman or man need biological needs which is sex.

Another Tips to Last Longer in Bed

There are various alternate methods that you could do at home with your partner in order to delay ejaculation for certain time that you feel enough with partner. Well, this maybe you have heard about, start stop technique, edging technique, squeeze technique, sex positions also could contribute to last longer in bed. For instant results, usually people using desensitizing spray or cream to reduce penis sensation so you could be lasting longer in bed. Another are using thick condom or taking pills.